Vision Board

Detox, Unload & Unburden 2017

Clear the Way and Visualize Your Dreams

Vision Board

DETOX your 2017!

We will start with a guided meditation to clear old energies and mind clutter.

Then together, we will visualize and create the life you crave!

I have 25 spots available for those wanting to make 2018 their BEST year of their life!


We are complicated beings.

You may be holding on to things that you no longer need.

Past ideals, thoughts and emotions – habits that don’t serve you anymore may also be holding you back.

Letting go can be a very difficult process, but it is not only healthy, but essential in allowing yourself to move forward.

This is not your average vision board class.

Join me as I take you step by step through the process, with a guided meditation, releasing old patterns and opening up the path to achieving your future goals.

I will provide all the materials to create your vision board, as well as coaching to allow your mind to reveal what you really want.


Please come with an open heart and big dreams!


(Questions? Message me!)

~Dana, The Soul Gardner xx


Reserve Your Seat Today

Date: March 11, 2018

Time: 12:00 – 3:00 pm

Venue is located at the Prana Endura Wellness Center

40 Constitution Dr Suite E, Chico, CA 95973

Class is Only $48

Reserve Your Seat

After your payment is submitted,we will send you all the details about the workshop.

Hurry they’ll Go Fast!


Dana is such a wonderful

source of light and love. Her positive energy and care shines through in all that she undertakes. She is an amazing life coach and I love her cooking!❤

~ Jessee Baldwin – Redding, CA

Meeting with you just a few times has had a wonderful impact on my life! I practice what you have taught me on a daily basis! You have a beautiful Soul Dana! Thank God for all that you do, and the beautiful impact you make in so many lives!

~ Lorraine Congdon – Chico, CA

Dana is an expert coach, she knows how to see people, and speak to people heart to heart. She guides people to their deepest truth with the utmost integrity.

~ Bill Gochenour – Chico, CA

Dana Grant walks her talk and she’s learned how to make happiness choices. Go Dana!

~ Marilyn Tam – Former Vice President of Nike

Dana is a force of positivity and change. Her ability to weather change with spark is inspiring. Every interaction with her feels like champagne bubbles!

~ Susan Hyatt – Master Life Coach

Dana has abundant empathy and genuinely cares about getting to the root of your issues, helping you to find your authentic path to true happiness.

~ Jody Colvard – CEO, Voices Of Women Media

Dana Grant, is the Soul Gardener (a nurturer of the soul), a Life Coach, and co-Founder of Cali’flour Foods, and a former Lobbyist/Pro Business at U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Dana was also honored to grace the covers of; Upgraded Living, as one of Chico’s Entreprenista’s, North State’s Parent Magazine, and featured in an editorial in Chico News & Review. Many have referred to Dana as a leader in her industry. Whether she is breaking ground revolutionizing the food industry with her creation of the cauliflower pizza crust, or changing the lifes of thousands in weight loss, or breaking records as a grass roots advocate for a bipartisan lobbyist group, this woman has a proven record of getting it DONE!

She likes to think of her life as a balance of yin versus yang: chaos in the midst of creativity, health in the midst of chocolate cravings, and calm in the midst of pressure to embody her best self.

Dana say’s that her zeal for small joys is what makes her so powerful. It’s what makes her day good, and what makes her day challenging. Providing Dana with gratitude beyond what she can express with words, and that is her mission to help every single person who comes to her with: feeling gratitude for this incredible life we are all given one chance to live.

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