The Creative Process of Getting Over Big Life Shifts

Big Life Shifts Happen!

They are inevitable and part of learning and growing. We might think these life shifts are just for teenagers growing up, but we adults have them as well.  And the crazy thing is,  it usually hits us a little harder, lasts a little longer and is more impactful than those end of the world moments we had as teens.

I’ve recently gone through a huge life shift and it took all I had to readjust, forgive the situation, move forward and replace the negative energy that seemed to have taken over my life with my own new, creative energy and gratitude.

It was not easy but it was necessary and it allowed me to move forward and grow.

Sometimes we need to reset. There is nothing wrong with lying in bed for a few days with a cup of tea before getting back up and kicking life’s butt. I’ve gone through lows that make life so impossible. I’ve allowed myself to not get out of bed for a few days and just be upset and I believe I am better for it.

Most people are dragging a ball and chain and are therefore standing in their own way. Let go of baggage. Erase the past and put yourself back in the equation of your life.

We must each go through a unique and individual creative process to replace the things we lost or the negativity of a big life shift. Moving on from your life shift happens we allow ourselves to let go of what happened in the past and accept the future that came from it.

So what are some simple ways to move on from a big life shift?

Write down 5 things to accomplish in your day. They don’t have to be big. Make them simple enough to get yourself up and help push you towards a sense of normalcy again.

Brush your teeth, write a note on your window saying “I love myself,” get up in the morning and start your day with a hot shower, shut off the TV and pick up a book instead, walk outside to get the mail and breath in the fresh air. All of these things may seem mind-numbingly simple but that’s what makes them so perfect.

These actions are what give your life a normal day-to-day purpose.

Finally, and most importantly, make yourself a cup of tea. If there’s one rule I love and live by it is that tea makes everything better.