Hi! I’m Dana Grant, the Soul Gardener

Dana Grant Bio

A giver of love, a giver of good vibes, and a giver of strength. I like to think of my life as a balance of yin versus yang; chaos in the midst of creativity, health in the midst of chocolate cravings, and calm in the midst of pressure to embody my best self.

Cooking has been my therapist ever since I was old enough to confidently hold a wooden spoon, and it’s been a faithful companion through the years. Working with food clears my mind, inspires my creativity, and provides me with a unique way to express myself.

Cooking grounds me…and I hope we can play together in the kitchen so that you feel your soul expanding while nourishing your body, relaxing your mind and allow juicy self-love to flow.

My love for delicious healthy food.

It started with an inspired idea, a great deal of passion and blood, sweat & tears.

This is the journey to my becoming the co-founder Califlour Foods Pizza Company.

Califlour Foods clearly revolutionized the pizza industry with the most delicious cauliflower pizza crust you’ve ever had!

If you haven’t tried this delicious pizza crust yet, hop over to Califlour Foods and tell them hello from me!

Since selling Califlour Foods…my dream has expanded to helping people all over the world to transform their soul, mind & body.

I’m going to share a little part of my soul’s journey and go a little deeper.

Have you ever been in so much pain that you didn’t think you could get through your day? I can totally relate…let me tell you.

While working as a Lobbyist/Pro Business at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, setting records that had never been broken…I realized that I had personally never been more broken in my life.

It was clear that this was NOT a path that nurtured my soul… Divorced, a single mother of two daughters, a bitter custody battle (that felt like it would never end), which all resulted in me suffering for over 20 years with debilitating migraines.

Did you know that you can change your health and happiness by shifting what you feed yourself?

Body, Mind & Soul is the trilogy of wellness.

Head over to my “Work With Me” page to discover how we can join forces to unfold the unlimited possibilities in your life.

To toot my horn just a little bit…I have been honored to grace the covers of; Upgraded Living, as one of Chico’s Entreprenista’s, North State’s Parent Magazine, and featured in an editorial in Chico News & Review and I’ve been referred to by some as a leader in my industry.

Whether investing my energy breaking ground revolutionizing the food industry co-founding the cauliflower pizza crust…or changing the lives of literally thousands of people in weight loss, (not to mention breaking records as a grass roots advocate for a bipartisan lobbyist group), I do have a proven record of getting it DONE!

I found that balancing a healthy diet & incorporating my meditation practice, moved me into what I playfully refer to as my zone of zen.

I think I would say that my zeal and appreciation for small joys is what makes me grateful and allows me to step in to my super-powers! Everyone should have a super power!


Let’s find yours together!

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