Every Day is a Second Chance

Don’t think of a slip up on your diet or a negative thought as a day ruiner. Because guess what? Not only is tomorrow and everyday after that a second chance, but every moment after the one you’re in right now is a second chance. We have tomorrows for a reason.

Did you just pig out, (as we all are capable of doing), and now you feel bad about it? Good thing the next meal you eat is definitely going to happen and is a second chance. Did you just spend hours on end gossiping with your friends and now regret it? Don’t worry, you’ll hang out with them again and have a chance to say a million positive things.

Definitely going to happen, and there is a second chance.

We need to take a minute to realize that it’s ok to mess up on our social graces, diets, and goals. We’re only human after all, right? No one is perfect 24/7. Not your favorite celebrity, not your childhood hero, not your parents, or your best friend. There is no reason to stress about what you didn’t do today. There is always tomorrow!

You know what? Being perfect is boring anyway! No flaws? What’s the fun in that?! Never made a mistake? How will you ever learn and grow?!

Mistakes make us who we are. Everyone needs to make their own mistakes so they can learn and create something better on the next try.

Growth especially is born from the realization that you can be better.

If you never think you need a second chance there will never be a second chance. We create situations in
which to better ourselves. We can create second chances too, rather than waiting for one to come along. And these creations are where we learn to grow, and learn to change for the better.

Just because we do have second chances, doesn’t mean we should slack off. Always strive to be the best person you can be, so on your second chances, you can push to be even better, and even more loving toward others and yourself.

It just so happens that love rules the world.

Try to find and be grateful for the small things in life. The everyday things that are usually completely mindless. Try to be grateful for the man who came to tow your car, the stranger that held the door open for you as you left the store. Try to find joy in the break in the clouds during a rain storm, or even smile at the rain itself. Even if you hate the rain, tomorrow is a second chance for sun, and a second chance for you to try again.

No one can be perfect everyday so what you can do when you’re just a little bit less than perfect is lean back, rest, recognize your battle, kick ass, and repeat.