Welcome my name is Dana Grant, the Soul Gardener - a Nurturer of the Soul.

I am a Lifestyle Coach and Mentor, Speaker, Trainer, and co-Founder of Cali'flour Food. I'm here to put you on the fast track towards a Soul-Ful, Healthy Life.

I've had my share of knock downs and health scares, and through each one I rose with a vengeance. As a Lifestyle Coach, I will share with you exactly how to overcome life's obstacles, plant those seeds of love (for yourself and others), and step into that place in your life, where you know you should be.

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It's Time to Nurture Your Soul! Soul-lutions With Dana

One on One Coaching

One on One Coaching

A Power Hour with a LOT of Bang!

One hour of one-on-one coaching to work on a specific challenge you might be facing. You’re not alone…let’s face it together!

This coaching package includes a one hour, one-on-one session that can be in-person, on the phone or via Zoom video conferencing.

We start off with a 15 minute call to see if we are a good fit for one another - click on 'Get Started Now', contact me and book your phone session.

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Group Coaching

Life Transforming Group Sessions!

4 weeks of exploration and vibration shifting! This coaching program includes 4 one hour group sessions via Zoom video conferencing.


Guided transformational vision quests, combining meditation, visualization, energy clearing, journaling and interactive learning, working together to see and live the life you love.


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Group Coaching


New Events Coming Soon

Get ready to stir up your soul and ignite your spirit in these one day events.


Has your inner fire been dampened from the challenges of everyday life?


Join me as we spark those inner flames and unleash the power you hold inside!


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Vision Boards With Dana Grant

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